The Benefits of Music Therapy

Music Therapy is about much more than music, it is about helping people from all walks of life develop skills that will improve their over-all quality of life.  Skills in the areas of cognitive functioning, communication, gross and fine motor, and social interaction are common goals during treatment.  

It's not always about improving skill sets.  Sometimes it can be about managing pain perception, providing a means of emotional expression, relieving stress and anxiety, and/or working towards behavior modification; it all depends on the specific needs of the group, or individual client.  


The best part is that from a client's point of view, it is not "work."  Music is an enjoyable activity that often holds positive associations with childhood, or culture for clients.  Music doesn't ask you to repeat an exercise over and over, instead it invites you to play the tambourine during your favorite song.  The ends are still genuine therapeutic work, but the means feel much more like play. 

Above all, enhancing the quality of life for clients who have special needs, who are struggling with mental illness, who are cooped up in a hospital room, who are overcoming addiction, who are at the end of life, or anyone in need - that is our focus and music is our tool.