Crisis and Trauma Care

Music Therapy is not a therapy which only serves people who have diseases or disabilities; everybody has times when they need to learn new tools to deal with new situations.  Crisis and trauma cannot be predicted, and they can happen to anybody.   No matter the incident that brings on the trauma it can be followed by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it is nearly impossible to manage independently.  Feelings of anxiety are paired with intrusive thoughts of the event, and are brought on by environmental triggers.  Triggers can be things like a certain sound, a place, a smell, or anything else that we encounter within our environment.  Music Therapy can address how to manage the anxiety, help to identify triggers, and most importantly, it can create a community in which the sufferer is not alone.  Exploring aspects of the traumatic event in a safe and structured environment is crucial to the healing process.  Music, while being creative and free, is also structured and it provides a level of comfort, familiarity, and predictability which can serve as a safe place, and as a means of coping.  Above all music can reach out to people from all walks of life, all experiences, and all emotional states.