Medical Settings


Whether it's a child hospitalized for an allergic reaction, a cancer patient in for treatment, a man receiving care after a car accident, or an elderly woman who has fallen and broken her hip, the hospital can be a scary and sterile place for anyone, and nobody likes to stay there long.  Music Therapy not only can help break up the monotony of a hospital stay, but it can also be an integral part of healing and therapy.  In the hospital, there are few ways that a patient is empowered and in control, but music can be one of those ways - even if it's something as simple as choosing a song.  Children, especially, can quickly decide that the people coming into their hospital room are "scary," conducting strange tests, or giving them shots; so it is important to have figures who come to "play," who won't be poking them, and who won't be asking anything of them.  Staff members, like nurses, nursing assistants, and custodial staff alike report that when Music Therapists are present, their patients are more content, and they - in turn - are more productive and are happy to be in a musical work environment.